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Since more and more lecturers are starting to use the Quiz tool (old clickUP) or the Test/Survey tool (new clickUP), I think it is time to share the how to with the wider community out there. UP has acquired a campus wide licence for Respondus, so before you get started, you have to install the software on your computer. All the steps and the how to install the software is available on the new clickUP on the EI Support tab. If you are not yet registered on the new clickUP system, then please ask e-support[at] to give you access to the clickUP Workshop module and then you will be able to also see the EI Support tab.

After you have installed the software, you have to prepare the questions in a specific format in MS Word.

When you prepare questions for a quiz/test/survey on clickUP, you can use the Respondus software to import some question types. These question types are:

      Multiple choice
    • Multiple reponse (Multiple answer*)
    • Matching
    • True False
    • Paragraph (Essay*)
    • Short answer
    • Fill in the blank*
    • Multiple fill in the blank*
    • Ordering*

Jumbled sentence*

* = new clickUP

Please refer to the document on the standard format for importing questions. Here is also a good example of what a properly formatted MS Word file would look like to be imported with Respondus.

Tips (click here for more detail on how to clear formatting):

  • There must be NO formatting in the document, i.e. NO Heading1, heading2, etc. NO tabs.
  • Ensure that each question has a correct answer otherwise Respondus will select option A as the correct response.
  • DO NOT add question types which are not supported by Respondus – it will simply not import.
  • After preparing the document, open the Respondus software on your computer. Follow the steps in Respondus to import the questions into the Question database (old clickUP) or Pools (new clickUP) options in clickUP. There is help available in the form of videos on the Respondus website. If you get stuck, please contact your Instructional Designer for assistance.

If you have questions with regards to formatting your document for Respondus, please contact your Instructional Designer to assist you with that.

Good luck!

Estelle Drysdale

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