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Change the Course Language Pack

Language pack preferences are defined at the system level, the course or organization level, and finally at the user level. At the system level, your University defines one language pack as the system default. This is the language pack that appears when no other language pack is specified at the course level or at the user level. At the course level, you can set a language pack and enforce it. Enforcing a language pack means that all users will view the language pack. For example, one possible reason to enforce a language pack's use is for a course teaching that language. If the language pack is not enforced, and a user has a preferred language pack associated with their account, the user’s language pack will override the course language pack. At the user level, individuals may select their preferred language pack, unless a language pack choice has been set to be enforced.

mov Changing the course language pack

webChanging the course language pack

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