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“The Groups Management Building Block provides the ability to
(1)    Easily see which students are in which groups
(2)    Easily see and modify group memberships
(3)    Avatars are now available to distinguish among users
(4)    Choose and manage membership for groups sets with an improved workflow
(5)    Import and export groups and group memberships*
(6)    Sort columns, perform bulk actions for deleting groups, and create Grade Center smart views for one or more groups on the All Groups page
(7)    Optionally, manage tool availability for all groups on the All Groups page. ” [1]

 *When you create groups there are two ways of doing so:

Using the Create button under Users and Groups, Groups: You can also Import Groups from Excel which will then create those groups.  It is currently a known Blackboard issue – to be fixed in a later release!!!!
groups create groups import

What is Course Groups?

webCourse Groups

Introduction to Groups Page.

webGroups Page

Introduction to Group Tools.

webGroup Tools

How will I create groups?

pdf Create Groups Workflow

web Create Groups

How do I remove students from a group?

webRemove students from group

How do I edit groups?

webEdit groups

How do I send email to a group?

webSend email to a course group

How do I create a group assignment?

webCreate group assignment

How do I grade group assignments?

web  Grade group assignments

How do I Import and Export groups? Please contact your Instrcutional Designer

Looking for Best practice when working with groups?

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There is a tool called iPeer that will assist your groups to evaluate the contributions of the members and provide feedback on how they can improve to be a more valuable group member in a next group. An average mark will be calculated that can be pushed into the Grade Center so that the student can see the feedback on the My Grades tool.

pdf iPeer - How to setup group member evaluations

The following lessons were learned:

If a student drops out of module, and his name is still in iPeer we find that the results don't open automatically as it perceives it as the student did not complete the evaluation.  Refer to the FAQ on how to add a new student and how to remove students.

If you created an additional group, you will have to edit your evaluation event in iPeer, at the bottom, where you selected the groups for the event to add the additional group. Ensure all the groups are selected.

If you have more than one iPeer event with different groups for each event in the module, make sure you don't just 'select all'. Only select the groups relevant to that specific event.

Contact your Instructional Designer for support.

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