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Total Column in the Grade Center

The Total column is a type of calculated column that generates a grade based on the cumulative points earned, related to the points allowed. You can select which columns and categories are included in a Total column's calculation. When creating a Total column, you can include other calculated columns.  A Total column is created by default and appears in all courses. This default Total column is also set as the external grade (the column with the green icon next to it).

An external column is used on the Global navigation where the students can view a summary of their grades as well as on the Notifications Dashboard (Report Card module) and on a Module Page within a Course where you select the Report Card module to display.

At UP we are working towards a semester mark.  Therefore it will be better to change the Semester Mark column to be Set as the External grade. This document would explain how to Set another column in the Grade Center as the External grade.  You may delete the Total column after you selected another column to be the external grade. 

pdf Delete total column

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