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Optimize your file size in PowerPoint

When you are using a lot of images in your PPT and MS Word documents, it becomes large in file size. This document explains how to optimise the images with the click of a button which will reduce the file size without losing quality on your images.

pdf Optimize file size

PDF format and tips

This document gives your a few tips on how to format en display .pdf documents

pdf Formatting and display of .pdf documents

Study Guides

Guidelines for developing study guides and study material have been developed and complement the UP Study Guide Policy in a meaningful manner. The guidelines offer lecturers step-by-step guidance in the development of a study guide and also make provision for a checklist on the basis of which a study guide can be evaluated. 

The Study guide link is not currently available on the web.  If you need the study guide template or guidelines document for your faculty, please contact your

Educational Consultant


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