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Add a Banner and specify your Course Entry Point

This video shows you how to add a banner to the first entry point of your course.

youtube2 Design your course entry point

Login as Student

An instructor often needs to view a clickUP course as a student to test what students will/ will not see. The Edit Off mode unfortunately only displays how content will be displayed. If you want to see how a test, assignment etc. will display to students, you have to follow the instructions in this document.

pdf Create demo student and login as student

Make Tools Available to Students

This video explains how to switch tools on and off for students.

mov Making Tools Available to Students

Permit and Restrict Guest and Observer Access

The instructor of a course can control whether or not guest roles have access to your course. To create the  guest accounts contactesupport

Guests in a course can include guest lecturers, potential students, or other users who are not directly participating in your course.

mov Guest and Observer Access

Roles in clickUP

This document explains how course roles controls access to the content and tools within a course.  Each user is assigned a role for each course in which they participate.

pdf Roles in clickUP

Tool Availability

You can select which tools are available in your course and which users have access to them. For example, if you will not use the course messages tool, make it unavailable. No one can see it or access it, including you, until you make it available again. On the Tool Availability page, available tools are listed alphabetically.


web Turning tool availability on and off

mov Turning tool availability on and off


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