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01Library services

The following accronyms were used in the documents:

IS = Information Specialist. For a list of Information Specialists, click here.
ID = Instructional designer. For a list of Instructional Designers, click here

This document explains the process involved when the information specialist prepares the library reference page for the lecturer's clickUP course.

pdf Library process 

02Communication process Library pages

NOTE: The lecturer is the owner of the clickUP course, therefore the Information Specialist can upload the Reference page to the Content Collection, but the lecturer needs to create the link to the Reference page in clickUP.

This document describes the communication process that should take place between the Lecturer, Information Specialist and Instructional Designer.

pdf Communication process

This document describes the communication process between the Information Specialist and the student.

pdf Communication between information specialist and students

03Copyright & Plagarism

Obtaining permission to create a deep link to a website is normally complicated. This document describes the process of requesting permission to create deep links to a website.

pdf Obtain copyright for websites

Each year lecturers have to re-apply for copyright. Different types of material require different forms to complete to apply for copyright. This process is done by the Library. This link should get you started.

web Apply for copyright clearance annually

Plagiarism at UP is a serious offense.  There is a plagiarism course presented by the library for all students. Read more about UP's Plagiarism policy.

pdf Plagiarism

04Library Reference Pages

This is a diagram that explains the process that has to take place between the lecturers and the information specialists when requesting a library reference page. 

pdf Library reference pages: Diagram

This is a checklist for the Information Specialists to ensure that all the links are working on the Reference pages and the correct templates are used.

pdf Checklist for Quality Assurance

This document explains the process which the Information Specialist should take to upload the Reference page to the Content Collection.

pdf Upload the library reference page to the content collection


Remember to notify the Lecturer once the page is loaded on the Content Collection so that they can create a link to it.

Content Collection Tips

This document will help you to save time and also manage your Content Collection when adding new information in clickUP.

pdf Tip 1: Upload to Content collection

This document explains how you can easily overwrite files.

pdf Tip 2: Overwriting files

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