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Add Lecturer information (contact)

Contacts is a tool where you add profile information about yourself and other staff that is distributed to students. This is a good location to provide information about office hours, phone numbers, and other links to help students find the people who have important roles in the course. Groups of selected contacts can be combined into folders. For example, you could create a folder named Teaching Assistants and assign all TA contacts to that folder.

web Add lecture information (contacts)


Announcements post timely information that can improve course success. You can add, edit, and delete announcements from the Announcements page. When you create an announcement, you can also send it as an email to students in this course. This ensures that students receive the announcement immediately even if they do not log in to your course.

web Creating announcements

pdf Creating announcements


The calendar displays a consolidated view of all institution, course, organization, and personal calendar events for a user. You can view events by day, week, or month. You can also view and organize upcoming and past events into categories. Items with due dates automatically appear on the new ClickUP calendar. If an instructor changes a due date, the calendar is updated as well. On the flip side, moving a calendar item (by clicking on the item or drag and drop) simultaneously changes a due date for an instructor. These calendar items can also be exported via an iCal feed to Outlook, Google Mail or other 3rd party calendars such as Groupwise.

web Working with the calendar

mov Using the calendar

You can integrate the clickUP calendar into Groupwise. You can NOT pull your Groupwise calendar into clickUP.

pdf Integrate the clickUP calendar with Groupwise

Create a Tool link

You can create a Tool Link in the Tools Area through the Content Area. When you include a tool in a Tools Area, you can describe what it is used for, provide instructions for the tool, and attach necessary files. HOWEVER you HAVE to CREATE the tool first in the Control Panel before you make it available for the students through the Content Area.

pdf Create a tool link

E-Mail, Messages and Announcements

This document describes the differences between email, messages and announcements in clickUP.

pdf Differences between e-mail, messages and announcements

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