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Correctly formatted document in Respondus

This is an example of a correctly formatted document in Respondus.

pdf Correctly formatted document

Get started with Respondus

Respondus is software which enables you to import questions into clickUP without you having to create each question in clickUP.  This document shows you how to install Respondus on your computer, where to find the necessary passwords and settings.

pdf Getting started with Respondus

Randomise options with Respondus

Using Respondus to randomise the options in multiple choice questions.

pdf Randomise options with Respondus

Respondus Equation Editor

How to use the equation editor in Respondus to create questions with scientific notation.

pdf Respondus equation editor

Standard Format for Importing Questions with Respondus

Standard Format for creating questions and feedback in msWord for importing to clickUP using Respondus.

pdf Standard format for importing questions with Respondus

Upload Question Pools to clickUP using Respondus

The process on using Respondus to publish tests from Word to clickUP.

pdf Uploading question pools to clickUP using Respondus

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