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Assessment Challenges

Assessment challenges (face to face and online) are highlighted in the document.

pdf Identifying aspirations and challenges

Assessment Concepts

This podcast and document is about assessment concepts in teaching and learning.

podcaster full Assessment concepts

pdf Assessment concepts

Assessment Planning Sheet

The table shows items selected to assess based on Bloom’s taxonomy & Miller’s pyramid.

pdf Assessment planning sheet

Assessment Tool Comparison

Asssessment tools are briefly explained in the table. What, when and why you will use a specific tools.

pdf Assessment tool comparison table

Blended Learning Planning Sheet

The table shows teaching components, media or mode of delivery: value added to course and situation analysis. Use the “Blended Learning Planning Sheet” and complete it to reflect your current use of clickUP.

pdf Blended learning planning sheet

Blooms Taxonomy

The characterisation of the cognitive domain is given in the table: level of cognition, definition, typical action verbs and skills demonstrated.

pdf Blooms taxonomy

Summary of Assessment Tools

This is a summary of all the assessment tools and thheir possibilities and functioning in new clickUP.

pdf  Summary of assessment tools

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