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Add Questions to an Assessment

The video shows how to add how to add a default or previously used question to an assessment. 

web Adding questions to an assessment

The document describes the possibility of an instructor adding a new question to existing questions on test canvas page.

pdf Add a NEW question to an existing assessment

Add Users or Groups to a Test

This document shows you how to add users or groups to a test.

pdf Add users and groups to a test

Auto Submit and Force Completion

The document differentiates the differences between auto submit and force completion.

pdf Auto submit and force completion

The video explains the disadvantages of using force completion

mov Force completion

Build a Test

This document describes how to build, import and edit a test, how to create, reuse and opload questions, random blocks and question and test settings.

web Building a test (.pdf) (292.62KB)

Create a Test

The video shows how to create a test, add the test questions and deploy the test to students.

mov Create a test

Set Test Options

The video shows how to add a test and set test options. 

mov Set test options

The options are only available after an assessment is added on the content area.

web Set test options

Test Results and Feedback

This document explains how feedback and test results are shown after the test is completed.

pdf Test results and feedback

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