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Introduction to achievements in clickUP.

web Achievements Introduction 

How to create and manage achievements in clickUP.

web How to create achievements

youtube2 How to create and manage achievements

Best practice for using achievements in clickUP.

web Best practice


Add Questions to an Assessment

The video shows how to add how to add a default or previously used question to an assessment. 

web Adding questions to an assessment

The document describes the possibility of an instructor adding a new question to existing questions on test canvas page.

pdf Add a NEW question to an existing assessment

Add Users or Groups to a Test

This document shows you how to add users or groups to a test.

pdf Add users and groups to a test

Anonymous Grading

This video explains how to grade student attempts without knowing which student's work is being graded.

mov Anonymous Grading

Enabling anonymous grading during the creation stage allows you to eliminate grading bias for high-stake assignments.

web Anonymous Grading

Assessment Challenges

Assessment challenges (face to face and online) are highlighted in the document.

pdf Identifying aspirations and challenges

Assessment Concepts

This podcast and document is about assessment concepts in teaching and learning.

podcaster full Assessment concepts

pdf Assessment concepts

Assessment Planning Sheet

The table shows items selected to assess based on Bloom’s taxonomy & Miller’s pyramid.

pdf Assessment planning sheet

Assessment Tool Comparison

Asssessment tools are briefly explained in the table. What, when and why you will use a specific tools.

pdf Assessment tool comparison table

Associate Rubrics with Gradable Items

This tutorial and document will show you the options available when you  associate rubrics to a Content Item.

mov Associating Rubrics

pdf Associating Rubrics

Auto Submit and Force Completion

The document differentiates the differences between auto submit and force completion.

pdf Auto submit and force completion

The video explains the disadvantages of using force completion

mov Force completion

Blended Learning Planning Sheet

The table shows teaching components, media or mode of delivery: value added to course and situation analysis. Use the “Blended Learning Planning Sheet” and complete it to reflect your current use of clickUP.

pdf Blended learning planning sheet

Blooms Taxonomy

The characterisation of the cognitive domain is given in the table: level of cognition, definition, typical action verbs and skills demonstrated.

pdf Blooms taxonomy

Build a Pool of Questions

Pools are collections and groups of questions that you can include in tests and surveys.  This video shows you how to build a pool to create a collection of questions and settings the pool options.

mov Building a pool of questions

The document shows the steps to display a specific pool of questions.

pdf Displaying a pool of questions

Use the following steps to add an image to a question and or the answer (distracters).

pdf How to add images to questions in a test

Build a Test

This document describes how to build, import and edit a test, how to create, reuse and opload questions, random blocks and question and test settings.

web Building a test (.pdf) (292.62KB)

Correctly formatted document in Respondus

This is an example of a correctly formatted document in Respondus.

pdf Correctly formatted document

Create a Mobile Test in clickUP

This tutorial shows you how to create a Mobile compatible test in the clickUP environment.

mov Mobile tests in clickUP

Create a Test

The video shows how to create a test, add the test questions and deploy the test to students.

mov Create a test

Create Rubrics

This tutorial will show you how to create a new rubric and how to edit the rubric grid.

web Creating a rubric

The document shows the steps to create a Rubric and edit the rubric grid.


Delegated grading

This article shows the Grader Progress.  View the progress of all graders, what the grader assigned for the average grade for the assignment, and the number of attempts.

web Delegated grading

You can delegate grading by assigning specific users in your course to grade particular sets of student submissions. Delegated grading enables you to combine settings to accomplish your assignment grading goals and meet institutional requirements.

web Best Practice: Delegated Grading

Faculty Guide to Mobile Tests

This document shows you how to create Mobile Tests, how to create New Questions and the supported Questions Types for Mobile devices.

pdf Faculty Guide to Mobile Tests

Get started with Automatic Regrading

The document shows how to access tests and delete questions, change point value of question and edit questions when submissions exist.

pdf Getting started with automatic regrading

Get started with Respondus

Respondus is software which enables you to import questions into clickUP without you having to create each question in clickUP.  This document shows you how to install Respondus on your computer, where to find the necessary passwords and settings.

pdf Getting started with Respondus

Grade Assignments

The page shows the steps to access submitted assignments from the needs grading page and the grade center.

web Grade assignments

Grade with Rubrics

This tutorial and step sheet will show you how to view a Rubric and how to grade an Assignment, using a Rubric.

mov Grading with Rubrics

web Grading with Rubrics

Inline Grading for Assignments

Inline Assignment Grading is a revision to the workflow for grading Assignments in clickUP. Instead of requiring lecturers to download student-submitted files to view or edit those submissions, lecturers will now be able to view student-submitted files “inline,” i.e. in the web browser, without requiring any plugins, applets, or client-side applications. Additionally, annotation tools will be made available as part of the inline viewer, enabling lecturers to provide feedback including comments, highlights, and even drawings/annotations directly on the inline view of the document. This was first released as a standalone Building Block and has been bundled and enabled in this release.

web  Inline grading for assignments


Item Analysis on a Test

The video shows the steps to access and run item analysis in a test.

mov Item analysis on a test

The documents shows the steps to run an Item Analysis on a Test, Test summary, question Statistics table on the Item Analysis page and how to view question details.

pdf Item analysis on a test

Login as Student

An instructor often needs to view a clickUP course as a student to test what students will/ will not see. The Edit Off mode unfortunately only displays how content will be displayed. If you want to see how a test, assignment etc. will display to students, you have to follow the instructions in this document.

pdf Create demo student and login as student

Make Rubrics visible to Students

This document explains how to make rubrics visible to students through the Grade center.

pdf Make rubric visible for students

Metadata for Questions

The video shows how to enable metadata for questions, define the metadata values and use existing metadata tags.

mov Tagging questions for reuse

Tagging test questions with Metadata helps you find them later using the Question Finder.  This video shows you how to add metadata to questions and how to find questions to add to tests.

mov Question Finder

Mobile Tests

This document shows you the steps that are followed when creating Mobile Compatible Tests. It also shows screens dumps of the Mobile Test from the Student View.

pdf Mobile Tests

Needs Grading

For courses with many enrolled students and gradable items, you can use the information and functions on the Needs Grading page to organize your grading tasks. The Needs Grading page allows you to sort and filter the list so you can grade the most urgent items first..


web Getting started with..... Needs grading (.pdf) (918KB)

Question Types

In this section, all the different question types are discussed.

web Question types


Randomise options with Respondus

Using Respondus to randomise the options in multiple choice questions.

pdf Randomise options with Respondus

Regrade a Question in a Test

Let’s suppose you have setup a test. Students completed the test and when you mark the test, you realise that there was a mistake with one of the questions. This document explains how you can re-grade these questions. 

pdf Regrade a question in a test

Reset an Assignment Attempt

The document shows the steps to follow when resetting an Assignment attempt.

pdf Resetting Assignments

Respondus Equation Editor

How to use the equation editor in Respondus to create questions with scientific notation.

pdf Respondus equation editor

Set Test Options

The video shows how to add a test and set test options. 

mov Set test options

The options are only available after an assessment is added on the content area.

web Set test options

Standard Format for Importing Questions with Respondus

Standard Format for creating questions and feedback in msWord for importing to clickUP using Respondus.

pdf Standard format for importing questions with Respondus

Summary of Assessment Tools

This is a summary of all the assessment tools and thheir possibilities and functioning in new clickUP.

pdf  Summary of assessment tools

Test Activity Log

The video explains student access log which shows a detailed list of every interaction that students engage in when taking a test.

web Test activity log

pdf Test activity log

Test Results and Feedback

This document explains how feedback and test results are shown after the test is completed.

pdf Test results and feedback

Test Workflow

Tests are created from Test, Surveys and Pools. A content area is then created to make the test available to the students.

pdf Test workflow

Upload Question Pools to clickUP using Respondus

The process on using Respondus to publish tests from Word to clickUP.

pdf Uploading question pools to clickUP using Respondus


These documents show the workflow process of each topic.

pdf Individual Assignment

pdf Group Assignment

pdf Surveys

pdf Tests

pdf Self-and peer assessment

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