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Turnitin for Lecturers

Everything a lecturer needs to create a Turntitin assignment in clickUP for undergraduate, post-graduate or research students, view the similarity reports, grade assignments and provide feedback.

pdf Tii for lecturers

See Instructor training for Lecturers on the Turnitin Website

web Instructor Training

Turnitin for Students

Step by step instructions for students on how to upload as assignment to Turnitin and view and interpret the similarity report.

pdf Tii for students

See Student training on the Turnitin Website

web Student Training
How to view feedback after assignments were graded

pdf Review the feedback from the lecturer

Turnitin Peer Review For Lecturer

 This document explains how to plan and create the Peer review assignment.  It consists of three assignments.  The post date is of extreme importance, so please plan carefully!  Planning sheet included in this document.

pdf Turnitin Peer Review for Lecturer

Turnitin Peer Review for Student

This document explains how to take part in the peer review of an assignment.

pdfTurnitin Peer Review For Student

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