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Add Questions to an Assessment

The video shows how to add how to add a default or previously used question to an assessment. 

web Adding questions to an assessment

The document describes the possibility of an instructor adding a new question to existing questions on test canvas page.

pdf Add a NEW question to an existing assessment

Add Users or Groups to a Test

This document shows you how to add users or groups to a test.

pdf Add users and groups to a test

Auto Submit and Force Completion

The document differentiates the differences between auto submit and force completion.

pdf Auto submit and force completion

The video explains the disadvantages of using force completion

mov Force completion

Build a Pool of Questions

Pools are collections and groups of questions that you can include in tests and surveys.  This video shows you how to build a pool to create a collection of questions and settings the pool options.

mov Building a pool of questions

The document shows the steps to display a specific pool of questions.

pdf Displaying a pool of questions

Use the following steps to add an image to a question and or the answer (distracters).

pdf How to add images to questions in a test

Build a Test

This document describes how to build, import and edit a test, how to create, reuse and opload questions, random blocks and question and test settings.

web Building a test (.pdf) (292.62KB)

Correctly formatted document in Respondus

This is an example of a correctly formatted document in Respondus.

pdf Correctly formatted document

Create a Test

The video shows how to create a test, add the test questions and deploy the test to students.

mov Create a test

Get started with Automatic Regrading

The document shows how to access tests and delete questions, change point value of question and edit questions when submissions exist.

pdf Getting started with automatic regrading

Get started with Respondus

Respondus is software which enables you to import questions into clickUP without you having to create each question in clickUP.  This document shows you how to install Respondus on your computer, where to find the necessary passwords and settings.

pdf Getting started with Respondus

Metadata for Questions

The video shows how to enable metadata for questions, define the metadata values and use existing metadata tags.

mov Tagging questions for reuse

Tagging test questions with Metadata helps you find them later using the Question Finder.  This video shows you how to add metadata to questions and how to find questions to add to tests.

mov Question Finder

Needs Grading

For courses with many enrolled students and gradable items, you can use the information and functions on the Needs Grading page to organize your grading tasks. The Needs Grading page allows you to sort and filter the list so you can grade the most urgent items first..


web Getting started with..... Needs grading (.pdf) (918KB)

Question Types

In this section, all the different question types are discussed.

web Question types


Randomise options with Respondus

Using Respondus to randomise the options in multiple choice questions.

pdf Randomise options with Respondus

Regrade a Question in a Test

Let’s suppose you have setup a test. Students completed the test and when you mark the test, you realise that there was a mistake with one of the questions. This document explains how you can re-grade these questions. 

pdf Regrade a question in a test

Respondus Equation Editor

How to use the equation editor in Respondus to create questions with scientific notation.

pdf Respondus equation editor

Set Test Options

The video shows how to add a test and set test options. 

mov Set test options

The options are only available after an assessment is added on the content area.

web Set test options

Standard Format for Importing Questions with Respondus

Standard Format for creating questions and feedback in msWord for importing to clickUP using Respondus.

pdf Standard format for importing questions with Respondus

Test Results and Feedback

This document explains how feedback and test results are shown after the test is completed.

pdf Test results and feedback

Test Workflow

Tests are created from Test, Surveys and Pools. A content area is then created to make the test available to the students.

pdf Test workflow

Upload Question Pools to clickUP using Respondus

The process on using Respondus to publish tests from Word to clickUP.

pdf Uploading question pools to clickUP using Respondus

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