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Content Tools

On this page you will fine information on how to add content on a Content Area, using the following Contet Tools: items, files, learning module, lesson plan, content folders, media files and mashups.

web Add content in a Content Area

These videos explain how to create and use these Content Tools:

youtube2 How to add a Mashup

mov How to create a Web link

web How to add a Glossary

web Create content item

These documents contain a summary of all your Content Tools and a Tools Comparison table:

pdf Summary of Content Tools

pdf Content Tools Comparison table

Copy Item

This document describes the steps to copy an item. You can copy items between Content Areas in a course OR to a Content Area in another course. There are also some things to take note of when you Copy an Item which is described in detail in this document.

pdf How do I copy an Item?


This video & document explain how to use the Content Editor.

web Content editor

pdf Content editor

Latex software in clickUP

If you are using Latex software to produce mathematicle expressions or functions, you can also display the in clickUP.  This document will explain how.

pdf Latex software

Math Editor

This document explains the new formulas available with the Math Editor function available on the Content editor (anywhere where you see a text box where you can add text).

web Math editor

pdf Math editor

Unlisted YouTube videos

This document will take you through the steps of creating a link to an unlisted YouTube video which will play in 4 browsers: FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

pdf Add unlisted YouTube videos

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