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Turnitin AI rating

1. The AI writing indicator

The AI writing indicator displays in the side panel of the Similarity Report. After a short period of processing, the indicator will display one of three potential states.  

2. Frequently Asked Questions 

The FAQs provide answers to questions such as:
  • What does the AI detector indicator mean? 
  • What is the accuracy of the indicator? 
  • What languages will it work for? 
  • Will students see the AI indicator? 

3. False positives

Understanding the false positive rate for sentences of the Turnitin AI writing detection capability. 

Turnitin LTI Assignment tool

Individual (Paper) Turnitin assignment

1. Fact sheet: Create a Tii assignment
    Video: Create and edit Tii assignment
. Submit papers on behalf of a student
    2.1 Accepted file types and sizes
    2.2 Digital receipts
3. Interpret similarity report
 Create Tii Rubric for lecturers 
    4.1 Grading form
    4.2 Rubric score card
5. Create Turnitin rubric while setting up an assignment
6. Mark Turnitin assignments: Commenting & marking tools

 Important: bibliography and use of quote mark information - Reports & exclusions

PeerMark assignment

Turnitin Draft Coach - please create awareness to your students about this functionality

FAQ: How do I view a students' digital receipt?