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Generative AI

Lecturer's Guide: Leveraging Generative Artificial Intelligence for Teaching and Learning Enhancement at UP

Teaching and Learning implications Collaborate recording by Prof G Stols.

Turnitin LTI

Please note that from January 2023 the current Turnitin feature will be replaced by the Turnitin LTI tool.

Please watch this video and refer to this help page for more information. You may start using the Tii LTI tool now already.

Process to take your final marks from clickUP to PeopleSoft

Final marks to PeopleSoft

 New e-assessment system

QuestUP 2.0 is the new e-assessment system that was implemented in January 2022. QuestUP 2.0  lives on the award-winning Cirrus Assessment platform that was developed for Higher Education. It has an intuitive interface that enables lecturer autonomy to set up their own online assessments.
Access the QuestUP help site



Archived StepUP Communications 2021

The following StepUP Communication were sent during 2021:


An Urgent reminder that Collaborate recordings will be deleted on 15 December and permanently deleted on 15 January 2022


During November 2021 there wasn't new functionality. We are reminding you however about the preparation for the Exams.


* Collaborate recording playback speed
* Online exam preparation presentations
* Digital Accessibility course
* ClickUP usage legal implications
* The use of copyright-protected material
* The Library Reference Page


* Re-use your clickUP Groups in your Bb Collaborate classroom as break-out groups (Maximum 20 groups!)
* Turnitin Draft Coach has been enabled for and Google Docs
* Digital Accessibility self-paced course


 * Annotate bar in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
 * Gallery view
 * Content Editor
 * New functionality in Tests, Survey and Pools

March - Bb Collaborate Recordings


 * clickUP Ultra Navigation
 * Course Navigation
 * Alerts