The Department for Education Innovation combined elements of good hybrid learning practices with lessons learned about the use of educational technology during #FeesMustFall to develop the hybrid learning self-evaluation app and field guide.

Both products address eight dimensions of hybrid learning and an umbrella is used as metaphor to indicate how well lecturers “cover” each dimension in their teaching practice.


Hybrid Learning Self-Evaluation App

The hybrid learning self-evaluation app allows academics to reflect upon their existing practices, self-identify their own levels within the eight categories and record these results as benchmark within a report for future reference.   After working through the app and eight elements and identifying levels of implementation, a snapshot of the depth of adoption, in the form of coloured panels in the umbrella, will be visible. 

To run the application online, go to:

To run the application on your local machine:

  1. Go to Hybrid Learning Self-evaluation download
  2. Indicate where you want to download the App.
  3. Unzip / extract file
  4. Double click on Runme.html
  5. The App will open


Hybrid Learning Field Guide

You can download the field guide here

The hybrid learning field guide complements the self-evaluation app.  It identifies education practices commonly found in tertiary hybrid learning environments which were drawn from a wide (but not exhaustive) range of classroom and online sources.

Readers of the field guide will find fresh ideas, summaries and descriptions of good practices, checklists for implementing them for each of the eight dimensions.

It is anticipated that the field guide might provoke thought and inspiration to those who want to take their hybrid learning approach up a notch.




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