This web page contains information about setting up exams.

Exam preparation

* Refer to Alternative Assessment the UP Way for ideas on suitable solutions, and your faculty’s guidelines on how examinations should be conducted.

* NNB Overarching document: clickUP Examinations guidelines

* Settings for Turnitin Assignments used for examinations

Settings for clickUP Assignments used for examinations

Settings to use for clickUP test tool during examinations

Using images in the clickUP test tool 

* Hide clickUP test marks from students (video)

Roles, responsibilities and support with clickUP tests

Grade Center settings of Exam columns

Set up your Grade Center correctly to prevent students from seeing their examination marks

Hide exam columns from view for students

Verify that the correct columns are displaying to students

* Create an Exam Smart view to monitor student’s access of an exam a: Video or Step Sheet

* Create a Smart Views for Markers (Step Sheet) if you are a group of assessors

Technical Support

* One ITS email address to contact in case of a technical problem. The relevant emails to choose from are available here.

* Refer students to this page to prepare technically for the examinations.

During the exam

* Exam emergency checklist (Quick troubleshooting of possible causes of exams not showing/how to assist students during an exam)

Monitoring an exam in clickUP while students write

Reset an attempt (Use with care as this will delete previously answered questions and require the student to start from the beginning!)

Support during a clickUP Test

After the exam

Marking submissions

Use clickUP data to investigate students’ queries

* Exam Perusal

Exam Moderation

* Distribute online exam papers to the external examiner.

Distribute marked submissions to External examiners