Some courses' content storage is more than a terabyte. The backup of these courses takes significantly longer to complete, and may impact our ability to restore a recent backup. 

A. Clean up

Collaborate Recordings

The Collaborate recordings from your previous year's course will not be copied through course copy. 

Download the Collaborate recordings you need to your computer.

Upload recordings to your Google Drive and link them from clickUP to reuse in your course.

You will need to create new Collaborate sessions in your course for the new semester. 


Remove videos you uploaded directly in clickUP. Your students will have to download the full-sized video before they can start watching it. YouTube videos and videos distributed through Google drive use minimum data because it automatically adjusts to students' internet speed and to the dimensions of their screen (computer or cell phone). YouTube and Google Drive stream the video to students computers in pockets of data while watching. Students will be able to save YouTube videos and videos distributed through Google drive for offline viewing.

Therefore, please upload your videos to YouTube (as unlisted) or Google Drive and then embed the YouTube URL into clickUP

Grade Center & Date management

Prevent student confusion by controlling what students see in their Grades area and Due dates by following the steps to clean up your Grade Center.

Old files

Delete all redundant and out-of-date files from your module.

B. Update

Refer to Step 2 of the Course Copy document for detail steps on how to update your module.

Use Date Management to change the due dates in your course.