The questions you see here has been asked in previous Grade Center courses. The course was presented by Estelle Drysdale and the video recorded and edited by Anton van Dyk. Enjoy :-)


- What does Course unavailable mean?

- How do I open more than one clickUP course in the same browser on different tabs?

- When should I setup my Grade Center?

- How do you see the student numbers in the Grade Center?

- How can I capture attendance of students in a class?


- What happens with students who received credits for this module?

- Once a student deregistered and for whatever reason they need the marks again, will we be able to get to that information?


- How do I edit a column once it was created?

- We are more than one lecturer in a course. If we both add a column called class test, how will we (students and lecturers) know which column is whose?

- How do I re-organise my columns?

- How do I make another column the External Grade?

- Why would you hide columns from the Instructor view?

- How do I delete columns in the Grade Center?

- If I deleted a wrong column but have the marks can I upload it again?

- We are more than one lecturer in the course and I by accident deleted someone else's column. We don't have a backup. What now?

- When you create a weighted column what do you use the categories for?

- If you create a Text column, what do you add in the points possible?


- Which one is better to use score or percentage?

- If you now want to display the % in stead of the score, how do I do that?

- How do we deal with the codes?

- What do you use the Exempt grade for?

- What are the limitations in terms of calculations?

- How do I overwrite a grade?

- I have posted grades and realised it was the wrong marks. What do I do then?

- A student notifies you of a mistake, do you have to notify everyone or can you just fix the mistake without notifying everyone?

- What do I do when I receive marks from elsewhere and the format of the username is not the same as in clickUP?

- Is there a place where you can provide feedback to the students?

- I have added marks by accident to a student who did not wrote the test, what now?

- What happens if there are more names on the list I received than on clickUP?

- Is it possible for my students to grade each other's presentations?

- How do you round off grades?

- Can you manipulate the number of decimal points?

- How will I make a notewhy I changed a student's marks?

Managing the Grade Center

- How do I download the Grade History report?

- What does the icons mean in the Grade Center?

- How do I take responsibility for the Grade Center if I am not the only lecturer in the course?

- Is there a way to know how many students are in this grade center?