It is very important that you comply with the plagiarism policy of the university. This page of the Library provides information on the plagiarism policy of the university, access to the plagiarism declaration form and information on training sessions you may attend.

Turnitin is the software UP uses to determine if there is similarity between your work and that of others. 

You can avoid plagiarism. Add Turnitin Draft Coach to your Google Doc when preparing your assignments.

There are currently two versions of Turnitin available:

Turnitin Assignments

The PDF document below provides step by step instructions on how to upload an assignment to Turnitin and view and interpret the similarity report.

pdf Tii for students

Refer to the Turnitin Website for:

How to submit an assignment

* Viewing your submissions

* Accessing the Similarity Report and Similarity Score

* Similarity score ranges

* Interpreting the Similarity Report

LTI Turnitin Assignments (New)

Uploading a Tii Assignment:

* UP Stepsheet

* Turnitin Website

Refer to the Turnitin Website for Turnitin LTI Student Help