Lecturers often use groups to organise large classes into smaller groups for assignments, practical sessions, etc. Your lecturer may place you in a group or allow you to select the group you want to join. Your lecturer also choose which communication and collaboration tools are available to your group.

Find your module's groups

Read the 3 ways in which your lecturer may give you access to groups. Read your lecturer's instructions carefully in order to avoid confusion.

Sign-up to a group

These steps will show you how to sign-up to a group

Group tools

This article describes the group tools and what they are used for.

Frequently asked questions

How do I remove myself or someone else from a group?

After you're enrolled in a group, only your instructor can remove you from a group, including self-enroll and student-created groups.

How can I add my classmates to a group I created?

If you create a group, your classmates have to self-enroll in the group. In the list of groups, they select Sign Up after the group name.

How do I join a group one of my classmates created?

Find the group listed on the Groups page and select Sign Up. The group displays in your My Groups area.