Bb Home


Bb Home takes you to a summary page that lists announcements, graded items, and posts. Bb Home displays the most recent activities in your modules.



The Posts tool shows the posts (discussion board, blog, wiki, etc.) made in your modules since last login.



The Updates tool shows all announcements and changes to modules. All modules are displayed by default, or select the name of an individual module to see updates or announcements from that module only. These updates and announcements are presented in order from most recent to oldest.

My Grades(student view only)


My Grades allows students to view all grades for all modules in one location. 
NOTE: Your final grades will only display in the Student Center in your Student Portal, not in clickUP.



The Calendar tool provides a calendar within Blackboard that includes any assigned module due dates. Modules are color coded, and users can select and modify the color that represents each module. Users can also choose which modules are displayed on the calendar by marking the checkbox directly in front of the module name. If an event is selected on the calendar, a detail window opens with a complete description. Users can change the appearance of the calendar and view a day, a week or a month.Click any date on the calendar to enter a new event. At the end of the colored module list is the ICALENDAR with a button below. If the button is selected, a URL is created that can be imported into other calendar applications. If this URL is shared, be aware that all private information will also display to people with access.

Text Links


The global navigation menu also has text links. The most commonly used is “Modules,” which provides the user with a shortcut to move between modules. Another popular choice is “Settings,” which allows the user to select which notifications are received.